A New Whisk(e)y Festival Is Taking Over The Rocks This Spring

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A New Whisk(e)y Festival Is Taking Over The Rocks This Spring

Whisk(e)y on The Rocks, where do you drink yours?

The newest festival to hit our harbour is Whisk(e)y on The Rocks, a four-day malt offering taking over the Rocks precinct this November.

From Thursday, 19 November to Sunday, 22 November, attendees will be able to mosey around for their two-hour session and see what’s going on at the four distinct festival pop-up zones, all of which dive deep into the world of whisky, whiskey, and, if you like, mixers to match palates and flavour profiles.

At Campbells Cove, whisk(e)y lovers will be treated to the double delight of The Fever-Tree High Ball Bar and the Glenfiddich ‘Whisky Wanderer’, a 1972 Double Decker Bus cum whisky lounge on wheels. Inside you will find a high-class whisky bar serving up samples or full serves as well as personalised Glenfiddich whisky bottles.

Image: Monkey Shoulder / The Rocks

The House of Whisky can be found at the corner of George and Atherden Street, where three bars across three levels will inform, educate, and serve whisky and whiskey. Monkey Shoulder’s bright-orange Giant Cocktail Mixer will be sitting outside and certainly draw a crowd as it pours guests a premium blend of Monkey Shoulder whisky neat, on the rocks, or a perfectly mixed cocktail.

Finally, Johnny Walker will be celebrating their 200th birthday in the Argyle Courtyard where ticket holders will enter via a private entrance to experience an incredible takeover of this unique venue.


If you still haven’t had your whisky full two hours after beginning, then jump on The Rocks’ whisk(e)y trail and find some of Sydney’s best bars and restaurants slinging your favourite tipple. Keep an eye out for masterclasses too.

Tickets are on sale now at $25 per person, which include seven tokens to sample a vast selection of brands across the festival.

For more info, head over to Whisk(e)y on The Rocks.

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(Featured image: The Rocks)