Rise And Catch All The Fun Of The Mardi Gras Parade At This Livestream Viewing Party · The Wanderer

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Rise And Catch All The Fun Of The Mardi Gras Parade At This Livestream Viewing Party · The Wanderer

Are you a lover of beer or wine?

Please note: Only the ‘Mardi Gras Parade Picnic at The Wanderer with Wine or Beer Packages’ ticket gains you access to the live-stream viewing party.

The Mardi Gras Parade won’t be heading down Oxford Street this year but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun and festivities on March 6. (Featured image: @julfe)

As part of the official Mardi Gras Parade celebrations (for those that cannot attend the SCG), The Wanderer in Surry Hills has been invited to throw a livestream viewing party. And party they are going to throw!

Come 4pm on the day of the parade, The Wanderer will be all fun and games with their pre-party warming up the festivities.

While you sip on a Rainbow Rising cocktail, you can play Jenga and Shuffleboard with friends or make frenemies duelling it out on Mario Kart. It will be a competition, so it is only fitting that a donation will be made on behalf of the winners by the team at The Wanderer.

However, if you want to secure your spot for the live-stream viewing party, and ensure a prime viewing position of the parade, you will need to pick up one of the two specialty picnic packs because come 6pm, they’re your ticket to keep the party rising.

For wine lovers, the picnic pack includes a grapefruit-flavoured ‘Thyme-to-Refresh’’ Spritz on arrival, a wine tasting flight, a wedge of cheese and olives to pick at, as well as a spring salad with smoked salmon and a Mirza Ghassemi dip with flatbread.

On the other hand, beer lovers will be treated to a grapefruit XPA take on a Dark & Stormy (Dank and Stormy), a craft beer paddle, house-spiced cajun nuts, half a Bruschetta pizza and a basket of chicken wings—hot and spicy or BBQ. You also get a schooner of beer or cider.

Both Lover’s picnic packs will see you into the afterparty which will kick on once the live-stream viewing party ends at around 10pm. Your DJ for the night will be DJ Jake Stone, former Blue Juice member and resident DJ at Chinese Laundry so you know that the party will be rocking.

Get your Beer Lover’s Picnic or Wine Lover’s Picnic here and secure your seat at the live-stream viewing party.

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