Taste 10 Biodynamic Wines From The Southern Highlands In This Virtual Wine Tasting

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Taste 10 Biodynamic Wines From The Southern Highlands In This Virtual Wine Tasting

From the vineyard to your home, this guided wine tasting is a treat.

The closest wine region to Sydney is just over an hour’s drive from the city but right now the Southern Highlands feel like a world away. Thankfully there’s one winemaker that’s not only packing a box of ten wine samples and sending them our way, but they’re also guiding us through each and every single drop with a guided wine tasting so that we can get the vineyard experience at home—sans their sheep.

In Tractorless Vineyard’s interactive tasting session you will be taken through 10 superb and delightful red and white wines. From chardonnays to rieslings, pinot grigios and merlots, you’ll pop open the samples, pour them into a wine glass, smell, swirl and taste away as the Tractorless Vineyard expert talks to you of the notes, the body and what they go well with.

They’ll also talk about how these biodynamic wines have been made, which at Tractorless Vineyard is a combination of old-world knowledge and skills with new world techniques to produce quality in a more environmentally friendly way. So even if you’re a wine snob, there’s still plenty to learn and find out. Then once lockdown is over you can pay them a visit yourself and even meet the sheep too.

With the wines sent straight to your door, with a short description of each wine as well, all that’s left for you to do is create your own grazing board and enjoy your night drinking vino.

The Tractorless Vineyard Virtual Guided Wine Tasting takes place on both Friday and Saturdays at 5pm.

Sign up to Tractorless Vineyard’s guided wine tasting today and experience biodynamic wines at home.

Virtual Guided Wine Tasting At Home With Samples

November 5, 2021 5:00 PM
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