The Sydney Comedy Festival Promises ‘A Month-Long-Pee-Your-Pants Funny Program’

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The Sydney Comedy Festival Promises ‘A Month-Long-Pee-Your-Pants Funny Program’

The 16th iteration of Sydney’s Comedy Festival is shaping up to be one of the funniest of all time and they haven’t even released the complete list of comedians performing.

For four glorious and spectacular weeks (April 20 to May 17) Sydney is going to be bursting at the seams with local and international comedic talent. And you will be too. (Featured image: Ben Sanford)

So far, 140 cracking shows have already been announced at venues all across the city. Featuring comedy veterans as well as those getting their career on a roll, there’s a show for everyone. And tickets for these events are all online already.

But who have they said is coming?

You’ve seen her as host on Netflix’s Nailed It! but now you can catch her wisecracks on stage because Nicole Byer is coming to Australia for the very first time.

Joining her in the international brigade is comedy giant Stephen K Amos, ‘the outright king of live comedy’ Jason Byrne, Iceland’s Ari Eldjárn and one of the fastest rising stars of New Zealand’s comedy scene Melanie Bracewell. But there’s more!

Japanese comic Takashi Wakasugi is back in Australia thanking us for letting him work on a farm for three months; the ‘unforgiving and darkly hilarious’ Ms Pat from the States; and Tim Lok Chan for those wanting to hear some comedy in Cantonese.


Amongst hundreds of other Aussie favourites, some locals standing up in Sydney include Sammy J, Becky Lucas, Nina Oyama, Matt Okine and Sami Shah.

Credit: Ben Sanford

As usual, the Sydney Comedy Festival will begin with the Comedy Galas held at the State Theatre (April 20), the Enmore and Concourse Theatres (April 21) and the Riverside Theatre (April 22), each showcasing some of the biggest comedy stars featuring across the four weeks of the festival.

And good news for beer aficionados. The Sydney Comedy Festival has teamed up with local brewers Young Henry’s for the next three editions!

Keep eyes on our Facebook for news of the next announcement drop at the end of February, but, while you wait, head on over to the Comedy Festival website and start uncovering some gems.

My favourite bio so far, Becky Shaw: ‘… please don’t come if your favourite comedian is Stephen Fry or if you quote-tweet things with ‘let this sink in’. I’m a stupid bitch and I’ve never pretended to be otherwise.’

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