The Opera House Is Selling Tickets For Just $21 Until The End Of March

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The Opera House Is Selling Tickets For Just $21 Until The End Of March

Tickets are for next-day performances.

As part of the Summer in the City initiative by the NSW Government, the Sydney Opera House is selling select tickets to their 2021 program for just $21. That’s musicals, operas, comedy gigs, performances, events, circus shows and shows for kids for just $21. It’s a steal! (Featured image: @pixelcop)

However, there is a catch and that catch will benefit those who haven’t made any concrete plans for tomorrow. 

To get your hands on an Opera House $21 ticket, you need to jump online to the Sydney Opera House website at 12pm each day to find out what shows and performances will be on the following day. If one of those tickles your fancy, then you can snap up a maximum of four tickets per transaction for just $21 each. The show will be for the following day so you’ll need to make sure you don’t have plans or that those plans can be cancelled.

Don’t umm and ahh for too long though, because tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if they sell out, they’re sold out and you’ll be left waiting for 12pm the following day to find out the next set of shows and performances to go on the summer $21 ticket sale.

Some of the shows and performances you can catch at the Opera House for just $21 are:

James Galea’s Best Trick Ever—experience mind-boggling moments from Australia’s best magicians.


Hamlet, Prince of Skidmark—a hilarious take on Hamlet for kids and adults alike performed by The Listies.

The Choir of Man—following a sold-out 2019 season, the ultimate feel-good show is returning for another run.

Circa’s Peepshow—enter the world of thrilling acrobatics with acclaimed Australian circus company Circa.

So many more shows and performances will be on at the Opera House in the coming three months and the only way to nab your $21 tickets will be to check the Sydney Opera House website each and every day at 12pm.

Don’t miss out!

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