Drink Bottomless Beer And Wine At This Three-Course Dinner Soundtracked To Afrobeats · Moshen Restaurant And Lounge

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Drink Bottomless Beer And Wine At This Three-Course Dinner Soundtracked To Afrobeats · Moshen Restaurant And Lounge

The Moshen is your ticket to tour the African continent.

We are all about bottomless brunches here at Secret Sydney. In fact, bottomless anything makes us perk our head up in attention to see what’s what and where we need to go for free-flowing drinks. It’s just in our nature to take advantage of such deals and specials.

So, when we got wind of a three-course dinner with bottomless beer and wine from The Moshen, one of Darlinghurst’s newest restaurants serving up contemporary food with an African twist, you just know we needed to find out more.

At The Moshen, you can sample the Suya, a spicy meat skewer popular in west Africa; try the Mandazi, a kind of fried bread that originated on the Swahili Coast; and sip the Dawa—a Brazilian cocktail that gained favour in Kenya and has spread across the rest of the continent.

No wonder The Moshen styles itself as a passport for your palate.

Image: The Moshen

As part of the three-course bottomless dinner, diners begin their journey with cornbread, deep-fried okra and cured kingfish before feasting on Kan Kan Kan lamb ribs with Ugandan potatoes and Peri Peri chicken served with Kachumbari, a fresh tomato and onion salad dish popular in the African Great Lakes region.

Sides are Masala fries and a cauliflower salad dressed with Chermoula, a North African sauce that varies depending on the region but is generally made with cumin, lemon, garlic, coriander and olive oil. For dessert, you get the Mandazi.

The Mandazi, Image: The Moshen

Aside from the two-hours of free-flowing beer and wine, diners will also get to try the cocktail of the night which is sure to complement the Afro and Caribbean beats being selected by DJ Fasmwa and have your dinner turn into a party.

With widespread international travel looking unlikely to resume this year, a trip to The Moshen Restaurant and Lounge just might be the closest you can get to taste the flavours of Africa.

The dinner with bottomless beer, wine and complimentary cocktail takes place every Saturday night from 7pm.

The cost of the banquet is $89, which is cheap as chips for a three-course dinner with bottomless drinks and one cocktail to help you imagine you’re halfway across the world.

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