Discover The Dark Tales Of Sydney’s Haunted And Horrific Past On This Tour Of The Rocks

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Discover The Dark Tales Of Sydney’s Haunted And Horrific Past On This Tour Of The Rocks

See Your City in a new light with these sordid and spine-tingling tales.

Sydney, today, is fast becoming a global city. Our night-time economy is finally opening up, more international restaurants—Nobu and Clare Smyth’s new venture at Crown Sydney—are opening here every year and world-class exhibits, like Matisse, make a beeline for our harbourside city. It truly is a wonderful place to live. No wonder we broke into the top five cities in the world last year.

Sydney’s beginnings, though, aren’t so glitz and glam as they are today. They are, however, quite dark and ghastly, and they make for some of the most riveting tales to be told under the cover of darkness. More so when the tales you’re being told happened on the very same streets of the city you call home.

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Sydney’s historic quarter is now a thriving hotspot for tourists and locals but shortly after the formation of the colony, The Rocks was the first point of call for many arrivals. It didn’t take long for the area to become known as a slum and was soon frequented by sailors, prostitutes and eventually the bubonic plague. In other words, the basis of many of our most sordid stories where crime runs rampant, poverty is rife and people lose their lives.


On this Dark Tales of Sydney walking tour, you will be taken down shadowy lanes, cobblestoned streets and past haunted pubs and houses as well as the most haunted hotel in Sydney too. There’ll be stories of ghosts, ghouls and gallows as well as the infamous Shark Arm murders where a 3.5-metre tiger shark regurgitated a human arm.

Discover the stories of murder and betrayal as you stroll through Sydney’s oldest and most historic neighbourhood as the streetlights turn on and the shadows grow before walking up to Observatory Hill and taking in the exquisite view and the scene where all the gruesome acts you’ve just heard took place.

The Dark Tales of Sydney walking tour meets at The Beacon in First Fleet Park and takes place every Saturday at 7pm and lasts for two hours.

Go on the Dark Tales of Sydney walking tour and discover a side of Sydney that’s long been forgotten.

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