This Happy Hour Is Doing $5 Beers and Wines With Spectacular Views Thrown In For Free · The Burdekin Rooftop

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This Happy Hour Is Doing $5 Beers and Wines With Spectacular Views Thrown In For Free · The Burdekin Rooftop

The Burdekin’s rooftop is here to solve your post-work woes.

When the lockout laws were repealed last year, the Oxford Street institution that is the Burdekin got to work on opening up the rooftop that very few people knew even existed. This summer, though, it finally opened and we’re proud that the once four-storey pub is now standing five-storeys tall. (Featured image: @burdekinhotel)

The open-air triangular terrace kitted out with timber booths to the left of the bar and large white umbrellas for shade, features stunning views of Hyde Park and the CBD on one side and of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst on the other. But don’t think that the recent upgrades to the Burdekin has changed its character. Not at all. The Burdekin remains all-inclusive.

To further tempt punters, the Burdekin’s Happy Hour has just been announced and it’s a doozy. From 4-6pm every weekday, the Burdekin has slashed their prices on beers, wines and spirits to just $5, and to make sure that you don’t overconsume on the liquor, pizzas are priced at a tenner!


At the Burdekin, you can now get wines that are natural, organic and vegan. There are Australian drops and ones from New Zealand too with a couple from France and Italy thrown in for good measure as well. There are four beers on tap, two of which are made in collab with Marrickville’s Stockade Brew Co and will always feature while the other two craft beers will be on rotation. 

The Burdekin is also serving up fourteen cocktails—seven original and seven classics—and one mocktail. The originals, like the Burdekin, are fun, colourful and primed to turn any gathering into a party once photos have been taken.

The Burdekin rooftop will soon be hosting live DJs and acoustic gigs as well. It is, after all, the Burdekin and this is Oxford Street.

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