5 Of The Very Best ‘Places’ For A Kiss In Sydney

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5 Of The Very Best ‘Places’ For A Kiss In Sydney

Lick those lips, it’s time for a kiss.

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is around the corner—okay, it’s totally because Valentine’s Day is around the corner—that we’ve been thinking about the best places for a pash in Sydney. (Featured image: @frankiefoto)

You would think that there would be plenty of places, and you’re right. But some are better in theory than in practice, like kissing on top of the Harbour Bridge. Sounds romantic, almost magical if you get to be on the bridge climb during sunset. But in reality, you’re wearing a jumpsuit, a safety harness and you’re chained to a group of people.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of places in Sydney where you can get that kiss in with a truly iconic or mesmerising setting.

1. In a garden

Parks and gardens are for lovers. And Sydney has plenty of parks and gardens where you can find some peace and quiet and, more importantly, the perfect moment for a kiss.

If you’re not looking to go far, then head down into the Paddington Reservoir Gardens but due to its proximity and popularity, you might be surrounded by others. Stay the day, though, and you’ll surely find a time to kiss.

You could also make your way to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden. Yes, it’s popular, but it is also staggeringly beautiful with plenty of nooks you can find to hide from prying eyes. Before, or after, make sure to check out the inBloom exhibition at The Calyx.

Otherwise, you could head out west to Auburn’s Botanic Gardens or Cooper Park in Double Bay.

2. At sunset

Okay, so sunset is not technically a location. However, the suns rays as they are setting do touch upon a fair part of Sydney’s harbour and locking lips as the day’s colours turn golden is one surefire way to get yourself a memorable kiss.

So, where to go?

Observatory Hill is one great choice with spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at any time of the day and even more special come sunset.

You could also head to the Dr Mary Booth Lookout Reserve on the north side of the harbour for phenomenal hues like the one above.


If you really don’t want to be disturbed, then you can visit one of the many national parks around Sydney, like Ku-ring-gai and walk to America Bay for this epic spot below.

3. On the water

Sydney’s best feature is the harbour. It’s so picturesque that it even has its own webcam streaming live images 24/7. You can get out into the middle of the harbour on kayak, on a paddleboard, on a sailing ship, a jetboat or one of the many Sydney ferries; however, we don’t recommend a kiss on an adrenaline-pumping jetboat and we’re not for public displays of affection on public transport.

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4. On a walk

To get the best Sydney experience, you’re going to have to walk because this harbourside city is loaded with trails that do more than just take you from point a to point b. For an easy stroll that takes you past sweet picnic spots and beautiful beaches, hit up the Hermitage Foreshore Walk which also takes you past Strickland House—the 1850s harbourside villa near Milk Beach.

Another walk, and one with a clear destination in mind, is the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk with, you guessed it, a picture-perfect lighthouse to backdrop your smooch. The lighthouse sits at Sydney’s most northern point, Barrenjoey Head, and offers those who trek up to it 360-degree views.

5. At a clifftop lookout

Although it’s not whale-watching season right about now, there’s something about looking out at the ocean that can mesmerise and enchant. To get that feeling, head to one of these coastal lookouts with the guy or gal you want to kiss and watch the motion of the ocean stir you into an embrace and then lock lips.

If you’re crying than kissing at this time of year, then we’ve still got you covered.

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