19 Sydney Dogs You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

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19 Sydney Dogs You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

For those days when you need to swoon cute, friendly faces…

If there’s one thing we just can’t get enough of at the Secret Media offices, its dogs. From their little waggy tails to their loving personalities – can you blame us for our adoration? And with that in mind, it was only fitting that we shared the gorgeous Sydney-based pups we’ve been following on Instagram, so without further ado…

1. Juno Baby, the Australian Labradoodle

Just look at that hair in the wind, those eyes that stare out into the open space seeing the possibilities: run, don’t run, run, don’t run.

You can tell, almost immediately, that Juno Baby is an explorer of the world and, true to blogger form, has been snapping away and capturing all the places he’s been to. Check Juno out at the beach, at Parliament House, in front of the Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge, at Christmas markets and in parks and gardens, and in general, posing. But once the exploring has all been done, you’ll find Juno back at home in bed or lounging on the floor, but doing what he does best—sleeping.

2. Mr Shaggy Pants, Half mini dachshund and half silky terrier

Mr Shaggy Pants, aside from having my favourite name on this list, apparently has the best job of any good doggo on this list. A quick scroll through his feed and you’ll soon see he is an oenophile, a connoisseur, a wine lover by all accounts. He has seen, swirled, sniffed, sipped and savoured more glasses of wine than any other pooch and most other people. When he’s not tasting wines or out exploring vineyards, you will find Mr Shaggy Pants on the beach or carrying a stick, which goes to show that life is a combination of simple pleasures made better with a glass of wine on a Wednesday.

3. Little Miss President Crumpet

Little Miss President Crumpet not only has the name to get out of any trouble, but she’s also got the puppy-dog look down pat that you know this little ball of fun has never been in any real trouble ever. I wonder what mischief she’ll get up to next.

4. Kobi, The Cavoodle

Arriving into this world in January this year, it could be said that Kobi is a pandemic pup. Zoomies and ball control have been worked on in the backyard and, hopefully, they’ll soon be up to scratch for the local dog park.

5. Milo and Stella, the Sheltie Siblings

Double trouble and double the fun with these two. Also, double the absolute stunning beauty of these long-haired Sheltie siblings, their mane catching in the wind as they run, jump and strike poses at their favourite playspace, the mudflats. And just like every pair of siblings in the world, they play flight (and probably fight-fight) too.

6. Myko, the Spoodle

Myko is a businessdog. He’s an entrepreneur too, and as CEO of XOXO Myko Accessories, he’s one busy pup. But like every top company man, he finds the right balance between work and play, and his Instagram feed shows us getting out there to enjoy time with friends and also support small businesses that were affected by the bushfires earlier in the year. Myko’s key to separating work life from home life is a change of wardrobe. Throw something on, have some fun, go home and sleep.

7. Chubbs and Angel

Chubbs and Angel are models and they’ve got the sunglasses to prove it. They also help their owner’s business, @darrenandphillip, by spruiking the matching activewear outfits that dog owners and doggos can wear together. And it seems that business is going well because they just had a ’10k giveaway competition’ and have dropped a bedding collection.

8. Cleopatra, the Cavalier

Close-ups, close-ups, close-ups. Close-ups soaking wet, close-ups panting, and close-ups in bed. No matter where Cleopatra goes, a close-up will soon follow. Harbour Bridge in the background? Close-up. Hanging with a friend? Close-up. On the SUP? Hold on, there’s a stick in the water.

9. Almond, the Japanese Spitz, and Zeke, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Zeke is a new addition to this family but Almond has taken to him as a duck takes to water. We’re excited to see what keeps on coming from these two. Whether it’s destroying soccer balls, long walks along the beach, or learning new tricks, we want more. Just look at how cute they look together.

10. Picco, the Sheltie

Picco is like the person that you see on the street and think, God-damn they hit the genetic lottery. Maybe it’s the mane-like hair, the golden light kissed photos, or it’s just that youthful exuberance still pulses through Picco’s body that makes this Sheltie stand out in the crowd.


11. Alma, the Orical Finnish Lapphund

Alma is an explorer. Check her out at the beach, in the woods, in the snow, under blossom trees, chasing seagulls in Canberra, and chasing waterfalls. What we love most about Alma is that she is almost always looking off into the distance, at something or someone, and not directly at the camera. There are things to see and do, and wasting precious moments posing just will not suffice.

12. Mr Winston

With a name like Mr Winston, you’re pretty much guaranteed a place on this doggy list. But add a pair of huge flappy ears, short little legs, a long chocolaty body, and the cutest of faces looking up at you, then it is impossible to not keep scrolling through Mr Winston’s feed until you find him playfighting with another sausage dog and you melt a little.

13. Archie, the Chocolate Border Collie

Friends with Mr Winston, Archie is a purebred Border Collie whose favourite past time is chasing leaves but also is quite susceptible to a spot of crab hunting at the beach. Find him staring down a horse and trying to figure out if they are foe or friend.

14. Fern, the Labradoodle

Fern has a bright future ahead of her as assistance and service dog but in the meantime, she is dressed and ready to mess about with your feelings.

15. Ruski, the adopted Groodle

Originally from Queensland, Ruski now calls Sydney home and by the looks of it he seems pretty chuffed with his new digs. He’s also a regular at the gym, consistently pumping out ”250 Belly Rubs (250 R), 15 Killer Butt Sniffs (15 KBS) and 10 Squeezes (10 SQ) for 5 rounds.” Impressive stuff.

16. Monty, the Fluffy Poochon

This is the guy you mums didn’t warn you about. Monty looks like an angel but sooner than later he’ll be running off with your girl.

17. Chewbacca, the Toy Poodle

If you think Chewbacca is on this list for any other reason than his name, then you are not wrong. We’re hoping for more tippy-tap dancing videos.

18. Teddy Bix Garnet, the Australian Cattle Dog

This guy, he models. He’s got the ‘what you looking at?’ face, the ‘mmm, there’s something in the distance’ look, the ‘tongue out, pretend I’m having a good time’ laugh, and the ‘oh yeah, I’m cool’ pose that so many of his younger contemporaries are searching for. What he doesn’t tell them is that you’re either born with it, or you’re not.

19. Charlie Billich, the Pomchi

Described as the Lindsay Lohan of the dog world, this is one pup that has more followers than you, me, and all the other dogs on this list combined. Why? Because Charlie Billich lives the high life. If you and your dog are looking for inspiration for aspirational living, then look no further.

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(Featured image: @steven_zoo)

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