Embark On A Starry Night Journey Through The Ages With An Astrophysicist

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The night sky is our common heritage. The stars—those burning balls of fire and light suspended in the cosmos—have been shared by cultures across millennia and have united people across distant lands. They are our past, present and future. But can you see what they reveal?

With an astrophysicist as your guide, this stargazing and storytelling experience is a must for anyone that has found themselves looking up in wonder at the stars.

While the physical nature of stars and the laws of physics may not pique everyone’s interest, Dr Dimitri Douchin has spent the years since completing his PhD indulging in cultural astronomy. This fairly new practice investigates the myriad of ways in which cultures across time and space have observed the stars and sharing this with you is his passion.

With over ten years of experience in the Southern Hemisphere including experience as a guide at Macquarie University and the Sydney Observatory, Dr Dimitri will divulge the histories of Australia’s night sky to the sound of nearby waterfalls. He will also teach you tips and tricks to properly identify stars and constellations so you can point them out for years to come. As the sun sets and darkness descends upon the Jamison Valley, you will be in awe at all that is revealed.

Then, aided by professional computerised telescopes, your stargazing experience will reveal distant celestial bodies including the Orion Nebula, our incredible Milky Way and other galaxies as well. Closer to home, you will be able to see the Moon and its craters and seas as well as Mars, Venus and the moons of Jupiter too. After stargazing with an astrophysicist you will never look at the night sky the same.

Stargazing with an astrophysicist takes place every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Sessions last 90-minutes. If you’re thinking of date night, then show your partner the stars and how much they mean to you with this celestial experience.

To answer all of your questions, join Dr Dimitri Douchin in the foothills of the world heritage-listed Blue Mountains for an immersive astronomy session that will inspire and incite your curiosity.

Stargazing with an Astrophysicist in the Blue Mountains

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