Spice Up Your Lunch With Spanish Bocadillos In The Heart Of Sydney • Encasa Deli

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Spice Up Your Lunch With Spanish Bocadillos In The Heart Of Sydney • Encasa Deli

The humble Spanish bocadillo is not so humble at Encasa Deli.

But that’s a good thing for Australians.

Every Spanish man, woman and child has eaten a bocadillo, or bocata (not a sandwich) as they’re colloquially called. However, very few, if any, would be eating them as they are prepared at Encasa Deli since the type of bocadillo the majority of Spaniards eat is the one made by mum or picked up at the local bar, tavern, cafeteria or the roadside servo. (Featured image: @encasaaustralia)

Typically, the bocadillo will have one or two ingredients and no sauces. If anything, a cut tomato will be rubbed on the inside of the baguette or, more simply, olive oil will be drizzled to soften the bread. They are simple. They are loved. But they’re not quite what we expect here in Australia. Subsequently, Encasa Deli’s bocadillos go the extra step for the Aussie palate.

Try the Chorizo with tomato, roast capsicum, Spanish onion and alioli; the Calamares, typical of Madrid despite it being a landlocked city; the Pancho, which is crumbed chicken tenderloin, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and chipotle mayo; or the Sobrasada, the Balaeric islands paprika-spiked, raw, cured sausage that’s eaten like pâté and served with drizzled honey and queso fresco.


I would suggest the Iberico, 17-month cured Iberico ham, but I always end up picking out the jamón and eating it on its own it´s so good.

The bocadillo is the quick lunch for any Spaniard, so to make sure you’re not waiting around for your order, jump online and order it from their website so that it’s ready to go when you arrive.

Encasa Deli has your Spanish lunch covered.

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