Hurl Paint At Walls Inside Sydney’s First ‘Splash Room’ • Smash Splash

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

Hurl Paint At Walls Inside Sydney’s First ‘Splash Room’ • Smash Splash

Release your inner Pollock and throw paint at walls.

As kids, we would draw and paint on walls because we were children; emerging artists, unaware of the consequences we’d face when the parents came home. And now that we’re older, generally the only time we pick up a paintbrush is when we’ve got to repaint the house, probably in just the one or two colours.

But what if there was a place where you could go to release that inner child, that budding artist you buried deep down after being told off by your folks? (A place where you also won’t have to clean up the mess?)

Thanks to the team at Smash Splash, you can now hurl, throw, launch, fire, smash, brush, hit, pitch, sweep, and, if you really want to, brush paint onto walls. (Oh, and each other — since The Splash Room requires a minimum of two participants at a time.)

For those who really want to try their hand at becoming an artist, canvasses can be purchased prior to the splash session so you can take home the results of your budding talent.

And while you’re there at Smash Splash, why not take a bat and have a crack at breaking stuffCome on, you do remember that laptop that died on you at the worst conceivable moment, don’t you? And the urge you had to pick it up and slam it against the table but didn’t because, hey, it might still come back to life? (Reader, it didn’t.)


Now is your chance to turn back time. Release the pent-up anger in a safe, controlled environment. It’s what any good friend would tell you to do. And, just like with all that paintyou don’t need to clean up any of the plates, cups, glasses, laptops, TVs or printers. Oh, how I hate printers.

It might be too late to become the next big artist, but it’s never too late to be creative, get messy and act like a kid. It’s good for you, too. So, get on down to Smash Splash and do your thing.

You can book the splash room for a 30-minute session and blast tunes of your choice while you’re at it. Only four people are allowed in at once with the price being $50 per person. Pretty good deal, if you ask us.


What: Smash Splash
Where: Unit 2, 37 College Street, Gladesville
Time: Friday 6–8pm, Saturday 11am–6pm and Sunday 11am–6pm.

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