Start Your Saturday With An Early Morning Silent Disco Yoga Session On Manly Beach

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Start Your Saturday With An Early Morning Silent Disco Yoga Session On Manly Beach

To see the sun first thing in the morning is a phenomenal sight—the colours, the light, the unadulterated joy it brings. But getting out of the warmth and comf of your bed, and stepping out into the crisp morning air, isn’t such an easy feat if you’ve got nowhere to be or not much to do. Surf Salutations, though, is changing all that with its Silent Disco Sunrise Yoga sessions on Manly Beach.

It’s an early morning start to your weekend but post-yoga and post-dance, you’re going to be feeling fresh and fired up for the day. And with the weather warming up, getting out nice and early is easier now than it was in the middle of winter. We’re not saying you’ll be hooked straight away, but try it out and you’ll be thinking of this morning and how you felt for a good while.

Silent Disco Sunrise Yoga begins at 7am, which means you’ll need to arrive at Manly Beach a little earlier to grab your headphones from yoga instructor Megan Peters and find your spot on the grass by the beach at North Steyne. But that’s all good because the music will soon start and your 60-minute class in front of waves rolling in will help you find your weekend groove.

Megan’s vinyasa flow classes are upbeat, funky and full of energy. Soon after cursing yourself for waking up this early, you’ll be feeling limber and light. The sun will be on its way up and the rest of the world will slowly be waking up, too. And you, well, you’ve already done something and now the weekend is yours for the taking. 

All ages and levels are welcome to take part in Silent Disco Sunrise Yoga, which happens on Saturday 13 November. You’ll find the other morning risers just north of the Surf Life Saving Club & playground.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beach views, the sun rising and flow into your weekend with a groove. Join the next session below.

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