Five Immersive Artworks And Installations Have Taken Over The Rocks

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You can take in the works of five Sydney artists for the coming year.

The return of the arts and culture industry was possibly the first concrete indicator of life slowly going back to normal post-lockdown. Collaborating with Place Management NSW and The Rocks, Art Pharmacy is now bringing five incredible art pieces to the city’s oldest neighbourhood. The project aptly titled ‘Revival and Renewal’ is here to stay for the next year and aims to infuse new life and energy into the city after a long and uncertain lockdown.

Revival and Renewal

The five artworks showcase incredible local talent at one of Sydney’s most popular neighbourhoods.

Maddison Gibbs will showcase her art depicting Aboriginal Female ancestors and the resurgence of the female matriarch thereby exploring and shedding light on ancient Aboriginal culture.

revival and renewal

Get Insta-happy through Vincent Buret’s artwork titled Enlightened Reflections which is an interplay of mirrored triangles framing the entry to a laneway at the historic location.

Rochelle Haley — an artist and lecturer at UNSW has brought an immersive artwork to The Rocks with several discs strung together and hanging from the ceiling of Surgeons Court. The installation glows in different conditions making for a vibrant experience.


Another illuminated artwork by Goldberg Aberline Studio (GAS) and Graham Toomey, an Indigenous artist of the Wurrumunga Clan will see lanterns floating above Kendall Lane.

Meanwhile, you can also take in the work of Jason Wing of the Biripi nation who has spray painted a mural as an ode to Pemuwuluy, an Aboriginal leader who resisted colonisation and was a leader in bringing together people in his fight against the British invasion.

revival and renewal

Find more about the artists and their works here.

The artworks can be enjoyed at any time of the day and will be featured for the next year giving visitors ample time to plan a visit and appreciate the theme of ‘Revival and Renewal’ that holds much significance to all after an uncertain year.


What: Revival and Renewal artworks and installations
Where: The Rocks
When: October 2021 – October 2022

(All images: Supplied/ Anna Kucera, Art Pharmacy and Place Management NSW.)

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