Dig Into Sydney With This Immersive Open-Air City Adventure

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Dig Into Sydney With This Immersive Open-Air City Adventure

How well do you really know Sydney?

Sydney is a world-class city and there’s no debating it. From our famous landmarks to our most gorgeous surroundings to our climate, cosmopolitan nature and our booming arts scene, we know it, you know it and we don’t need any survey or index to tell us so. We’ve got a rich history too and there’s always plenty of things to do. However, we sometimes get the feeling we’ll never get to experience all of Sydney.

Questo, experts in creating open-air exploration games, has found a solution. By mixing real-life elements, local folklore and legends with an original fictional scenario, these exploratory games take you on eventful adventures across the city and present one of the most unique ways of discovering our hometown. Get ready to see Sydney from a whole new perspective.

For Sydney’s open-air exploration game, you will assume the identity of a former convict who was shipped Down Under for the crime of bread and butter. Your time has been served but there’s no way back to England now, so Australia is your new home. Sydney, you think, will give you the best start to a new life you could hope for and for the first time in years you wander freely. Soon you start uncovering the secrets of the city and the stories of those living in The Rocks, but there’s heaps more to discover. 

On your own or with your friends, these immersive exploration games will take you on an action-packed stroll through the streets of Sydney thanks to open-air riddles that will give you access to the city’s secrets and curiosities. It’s the perfect mix between an outdoor escape game and a real-world treasure hunt! All this in the palm of your hand as the games are available on Questo’s smartphone app.

Games are accessible at any time, all day and all night, and can even be paused if you’re in need of a drink or a place to sit and watch the city pass you by. Other than that, all you have to do to play is follow the instructions, solve the riddles and clues and watch the scenarios unfold before your very eyes. Questo’s games and riddles are either created by their team or submitted by local content creators who’ll help you see the city through their eyes.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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