Have Drinks With A 365kg Saltwater Croc At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s Pop-up CROCtail Bar

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Have Drinks With A 365kg Saltwater Croc At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s Pop-up CROCtail Bar

Drink up in the company of Rocky, Sydney Zoo’s resident saltie.

Weighing in at 365 kilograms and with a reach of over four metres from tip to tail, Rocky is one mean challenger to come face to face with. Luckily for us though, a thick and sturdy glass keeps Rocky at bay. But look away for too long and his mean and menacing chompers will still give you one helluva fright when they appear floating by your table. (Featured image: @wildlifesydneyzoo)

Before meeting the mammoth reptile though, guests at Rocky’s pop-up Croctail Bar will have the chance to warm up their nerves with a meet and greet with a smaller reptile, most likely a snake or a lizard, because size matters. If you’re game, you will also be able to get to give them a hold. For how long? Well, that probably depends on how squeamish you, or the people you are with, get.

On arrival, guests will also be supplied with a cocktail as part of their $15 ticket before the Croc Talk begins where, depending on how hungry Rocky is feeling, you may also get the chance to see the big man snap up his dinner.


You too can eat up (and drink some more) thanks to the themed tapas provided by Trolley’d, the first-class mobile bar slinging cocktails made with ingredients sourced from local farms as well as native Australian ingredients.

Happening over just two weekends and with limited seating available in the Croc Den, this is one event that is already selling out.

In addition, $5 from each ticket sold will be donated to the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund supporting animal research, conservation and welfare.

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