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Plant parenting during lockdown has really taken off.

So many of us became obsessed with the idea of green, leafy plants at home whether in our bedrooms, balconies or windows while we were homebound. PlantGirl in Marrickville, is all things fun and colourful but most of all it has a diverse variety of low-maintenance plants if you’re looking to join the bandwagon.

“We change our products up constantly, so there’s always new things. People love our bundles, like the PlantGirl Happy and PlantGirl Irresisitible are really popular but people love the different coloured pots we get in and they enjoy mixing and matching their own pots and plants from our website,” says founder and director Felicity Keep.

New to this plant craze and don’t really know where to get started? Head over to their website for a full lowdown on which plants and pots work best together along with a cool DIY service.
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Although delivery is only available within a 10km radar of the PlantGirl Marrickville shop, there is a Sydney-wide delivery option for corporate and bulk orders. Same day delivery services are available for orders placed before 10am although customers are encouraged to place their orders the day before. At the moment, deliveries take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Although with restrictions easing soon, you can just plan a trip to the store in person.


A brilliant and easy enough plant care tip: “Biggest tip for keeping plants alive is to try and love them less. Give them a good amount of light for them to thrive, and avoid overwatering them!”

Check out their Instagram page and give them a follow if you like what you see.


What: PlantGirl
Where: 100D Sydenham Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
Delivery costs: $18

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