15 Pictures Of Sydney Looking Eerily Empty In Lockdown

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

15 Pictures Of Sydney Looking Eerily Empty In Lockdown

Silence in the streets…

Its been way too long and I, for one, have lost track of time and dates. With Sydneysiders locked up inside with strict stay-at-home orders, the Harbour City has turned into a bit of a ghost town. The Opera House, the beaches, the art galleries — all the usual suspects that are always buzzing with activity are now quieter than they have possibly ever been before. And while these images pose a sombre picture of our vibrant city, there’s beauty in spaces that aren’t cluttered with people. Feast your eyes on some of these images of Sydney lockdown 2.0.

1. The Harbour Bridge on a foggy morning

2. Sydney CBD, we never thought we’d see the day

3. Angel Place, CBD — usually an Instagram hotspot

4. Have you ever seen the Opera House this empty?

5. The Art Gallery of NSW quieter than ever

6. An empty Sydney beach

7. The seagulls are missing the food at Darling Harbour

8. A birds eye view of a town deserted

9. An empty, misty Harbour Bridge still makes for an amazing picture

10. The CBD, usually chockablock with people

11. The Great Empty CBD

12. Luna Park minus the people — who would’ve thunk it

13. Sydney beaches are looking dramatically different right now

14. No shoppers on George Street

15. NSW police crackdown on major areas in motion


Take heart, Sydneysiders. While the usual energy has been replaced by silent, empty streets, we can’t wait to explore our beautiful city again.

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