New South Wales And Victoria To Reopen Border On November 23

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New South Wales And Victoria To Reopen Border On November 23

Four months. That’s how long the Vic-NSW border has been closed for.

In what’s great news for those living near the border, as well as travellers, workers and most importantly separated friends and family, the NSW premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has announced that the border closure between the two states will come to an end on November 23.

The border closure, the first in our 100-year history, happened on the back of Victoria recording 127 new coronavirus cases back in early July which began their second wave and subsequent lockdown.

However, now that Victoria has recorded a number of days with no new community transmissions as well as limiting the 14-day average to just 1.7, Gladys Berejiklian tweeted the border opening date and said that ”we need to keep moving forward as we live with COVID-19”.

Hopefully, we continue to keep everyone safe as we make plans for Christmas, New Year’s, and the summer holidays.

See you soon, Melbourne.

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