When Will NSW Reach Its Vaccination Target And How You Can Track The Vaccine Rollout In Real-Time

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When Will NSW Reach Its Vaccination Target And How You Can Track The Vaccine Rollout In Real-Time

Track NSW’s vaccine rollout progress.

It has now been nearly two and a half months of a long and harrowing lockdown for Sydney. 1,127 new COVID-19 cases were recorded last night. People are anxiously waiting for updates on what life would look like once vaccination targets are met.

According to NSW Health, 78.8 per cent of NSW residents have now received one dose of vaccine with 46.5 per cent fully vaccinated.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has previously stated that the NSW government has plans to ‘break records’ as it expands its vaccine rollout plans.

At the moment, the government has set a goal to fully vaccinate 70 per cent of its population before restrictions can be eased.

“Once you get to 50 per cent vaccination, 60 per cent, 70 per cent, that triggers more freedoms. We can turn this around in four weeks,” Miss Berejiklian said in August.

With Australia set to receive an additional 4 million Pfizer vaccines from the UK in a swap deal this month, state officials remain confident that the state could reach its target of 70 per cent vaccination as early as October.


You can track the daily doses administered in NSW here.

Additionally, the covidvax.live platform allows you to track Australia’s overall vaccine rollout in real time.

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At the current pace of approximately 277, 500 doses each day, Australia could reach 40 million doses (the number required to fully vaccinate the country’s adult population) by the end of 2021.

There are several walk-in vaccination clinics across Sydney that are offering free AstraZeneca vaccinations to anyone aged 18 and above.

To make an appointment with a GP or at a vaccination hub, click here.

Find out more about where and how you can get a COVID-19 vaccination here.

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