The Duke Of Enmore Is Back In Business With A New Look For The Locals

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The Duke Of Enmore Is Back In Business With A New Look For The Locals

The Duke Of Enmore has now got a proper games room and pool table.

It’s also got local beers on tap, a natural wine list, cocktails that’ll loosen up the stiffest of friends, and good-old fashioned Aussie pub grub with a whole other menu for vegans.

Sounds more than pretty alright, ey?

Well, when the Enmore Theatre opens back up and starts putting on shows, guess who’s first in line to host the after parties? You betcha.

Although it’s not the first time this local has reopened in recent years, The Duke’s latest iteration comes thanks to Thorpe Hospitality, the crew behind venues Taphouse and the Oxford Tavern.

With that comes a focus on returning The Duke to the locals and trying to sit as many arses down on the ‘long-arse bar’.

To help that along, The Duke has swapped out the pokies for Big Buck Hunter and other arcade games but kept the retro carpet. Pool is free on Tuesdays, too.


Food, by no means, has been forgotten about either. Executive chef of Thorpe Hospitality, Adam Cremona, has put together a menu of pub classics with a parmas, rump and sirloin steaks, and five burgers to wrap your hands around. He’s also bringing on over the Taphouse’s famous Sunday Roast served with roast pumpkin, broccoli, carrot, potatoes and drenched in a drinkable gravy.

Vegans are well looked after as well with schnitzels, parmigianas, a couple of burger options and a BBQ bean nachos among the offerings. All of these will be cooked in a separate kitchen, so no sharing the same grill with the meats.

For those in a group looking to up the ante, though, Russian Roulette comes in the form of hot wings, with just the one injected with Reaper hot sauce. If you have what it takes to play, you’ll need to sign a waiver beforehand.

The Duke of Enmore’s first event after opening last week will be on Tuesday 3 November, where Young Henry’s will be supplying a karma keg that will see all profits donated to charities that focus on the humane treatment and rehoming of race horses. Find out more here.

Ah, and the infamous picklebacks have not disappeared. Instead, punters will now have the option of three or four house brines to choose from when knocking back their shot of Jameson.

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