You Can Now Watch Netflix With Your Mates With This Genius Chrome Extension

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

You Can Now Watch Netflix With Your Mates With This Genius Chrome Extension

Lockdown has just levelled up.

Have you and your friends found yourselves in self-isolation during the Great Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020? Well, now you can hang out with your friends virtually thanks to the new Chrome Extension, Netflix Party. (Featured image: Netflix)

Credit: Netflix

A new way to watch films and TV shows with your friends, the app synchronises your video playback in HD with your mates, so you can watch shows at the exact same time as each other while chatting throughout. It comes at the perfect time too, as the world begins to isolate at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. A functional “group chat” sits on the sidebar, allowing you to pop your phone down for once and immerse yourself in your film or show of choice with your best pals. The best part? You don’t even have to get out of bed to “hang out”.

The app works by allowing users to create their own ‘party’, where you’ll select what you’re watching and then be able to share the link with those you’d like to stream with. You’ll all watch in sync, meaning any shocking twists and turns can be discussed in the moment within the app’s live group chat.

Credit: Netflix

There’s a tonne of releases on the streaming website this month and next, including Ozark S3, Money Heist (Part 4), After Life S2 and Chris Hemsworth in Extraction. Check out the Netflix Party app here.


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