Best Shows And Movies To Watch On Netflix To Get Your Nostalgia Fix

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer


There’s a little magic on Netflix this month.

Every month Netflix updates it’s library with heaps of new releases, but with so many new titles, its always a challenge to figure out what’s actually worth watching. The streaming giant has made it a lot easy for us to decide what to dive into with the inclusion of some tried and tested classics. In case you haven’t had a chance to catch up on these shows and movies, here’s our top 5 picks of what to watch this weekend on Netflix Australia.

1. Fear Street Trilogy

A lot of the hype around the July releases has centred around the Fear Street Trilogy. Based on R.L. Stine’s bestselling novels, the trilogy is an entertaining ode to slasher films. The author’s teenage horror fiction books were incredibly popular in the 90s and have sold over 80 million copies worldwide.

2. Harry Potter

All 8 Harry Potter movies dropped on Netflix Australia and its just the happy, nostalgic escapism we needed from the dismal news flying around the country. Netflix removed the films from its library back in January 2020 but luckily the films are back just as we wait out another lockdown.

3. Mission Impossible Trilogy


Continuing with their nostalgia theme, all 3 Mission Impossible movies were released on the streaming service earlier this month. Yet another great trilogy to escape the garbage fire events outside — the films follow the adventures of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) as the leader of an espionage team. They are loud, boisterous and sufficiently entertaining for your next weekend binge.

4. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork

Lovers of true crime are in for a treat with this brand new, three-part mini series. Following the shocking murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a French television producer in rural Ireland, the murder had gripped the nation in the 90s. This case is fascinating and frustrating in equal amounts and Netflix aces the documentary game yet again with this new entry.

5. The Cook of Castamar

If you’re still feeling a Bridgerton-sized void in your life, check out The Cook of Castamar. Set in 1720 Madrid, the series follows a skilled cook who catches the fancy of a widowed duke as he prepares a return to aristocratic society.

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