17 Twinkling Neighbourhood Light Displays To See This Festive Season

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All is calm, all is bright.

You think you know your neighbourhood well and most of the year it seems normal enough, but come Christmas, the holiday spirit really takes over the city and next thing you know, you’re living next to the crazy Christmas light lady. But no one’s complaining because as wild and over the top as these neighbourhood light displays might be, they always manage to evoke a real sense of cheer and joy.

Here’s our list of some of the best Christmas light displays around Sydney so you can jump in the car and go marvel at all the bright lights flashing and twinkling in the night and forget your worries just for a little while.

1. Holt Road, Taren Point

This just might be one of Sydney’s best neighbourhood light displays. Aside from being huge in scale, this year’s display includes lasers, music, an interactive display and a nativity scene. There is also a snow pool and life-sized reindeer as well as a rocking Santa, perfect for photos. There’s even a walk-in section, where you can look up and see the razzle-dazzle lights all around you. Get the details here.

162 Holt Road

On from November 28 – January 9
๐Ÿ•” 8pm – 11pm

2. Kiber Drive, Glenmore Park

Make all your Disney dreams come true at this fabulous light display at Glenmore Park. Drenched in fairy lights and candy canes, you’ll also find Santa’s sleigh perched on the rooftop. And that’s hardly all, an inflatable dragon and Donald Duck also make an appearance in this super nostalgic display. Check it out here.

60 Kiber Drive, Glenmore Park

On from Novemner 30 to December 27
๐Ÿ•” 7pm – 11pm

3. Stephenson Street, Birrong

This particular light display could just be the most spectacular of them all. Along with the whole front yard and roof decorated, there will also be arrangements for BBQ and drinks on 11th and 18th of December to raise money for Sydney Children’s Hospital. You can give to a worthy cause while soaking in the atmosphere with music, interactive light displays, Christmas statues and so much more. Take a peek here.

17 Stephenson Street, Birrong

On from November 19 – December 31
๐Ÿ•” 6pm – 1am

4. Henze Crescent, Claremont Meadows

Fancy some dazzling reindeers, a lawn covered with lights, a tunnel featuring baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph and heaps of lit up gifts? Then you’ll want to plan a trip up to Claremont Meadows to see this phenomenal light display up close. There’s also a snow machine and bubbles galore. Find all the details here.

8 Henze Crescent, Claremont Meadows

๐Ÿ•” 7pm – 11pm

5. Doonside Crescent, Blacktown

Another spectacular light display that you simply must add to your list. Apart from all the usual suspects — twinkling lights, music, Christmas statues and inflatables, there will also be live projections of your fave Christmas movies along with a bubble/smoke and snow machine to provide all the festive feels. Check it out here.

45 Doonside Crescent, Blacktown

On from November 29 – December 26
๐Ÿ•” 8pm – 11pm

6. Chatsworth Road, Saint Clair

When it comes to neighbourhood light displays, Saint Clair is giving us serious goals. Packed with hundreds of bright, twinkling lights, it’s absolutely stunning and makes for some brilliant photo ops. Also on offer — a pathway lined with bright Christmas trees, Santa Claus, an inflatable house and candy canes; it’s the true package and worth the drive. Find more details here.

64 Chatsworth Road, Saint Clair

On from December 1-26
๐Ÿ•” 7pm – 10pm

7. Walseley Crescent, Gledswood Hills

This display is one where the whole street gets in on the act. There are giant stars atop Christmas tree lights, moving parts, decorated roofs and inflatables as well. There’s even a chance you might see cars parked in driveways decorated too. It seems nothing is off-limits here, which just adds to the great atmosphere. Get the details here.

On from December 1-30
๐Ÿ•” 7pm – 10:30pm

8. Magic Grove, Mosman

This light display is a permanent fixture every year and an absolute staple if you’re on the hunt for neighbourhood light displays. Head down to Mosman if you want to see (possibly) the biggest inflatable Santa around. Pending weather conditions, this giant inflatable towers over brilliantly lit up houses and spectators alike. This house is also supporting the Sydney and Westmead Children’s Hospitals Foundation, so make a donation before or after your visit and help these guys spread the joy even further. Find donation details here.

Check out details about the lights here.ย 

2 Magic Grove

On from December 1-31
๐Ÿ•” 6pm – 10:30pm

9. Doust Place, Grasmere

Walk right on up to this display but don’t stop there. At Doust Place you’re invited to walk on up the driveway and check out all the inflatables, reindeer, lasers and, of course, all the light that abounds. Details.

4 Doust Place
On from December 1 – January 7

๐Ÿ•” 5:30pm – 10pm


10. South Circuit, Oran Parkย 

Another house lighting up the night and helping support the kids through the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, South Circuit’s Christmas lights display is simply stunning. It might not be the biggest house, but work has certainly been put in to make it one of the best. When taking it all in from the footpath, it feels as if every inch (besides the driveway) has been covered with lights or inflatables. Details here.ย 

248 South Circuit

On from December 1-25
๐Ÿ•” 7pm – 12am

11. Meredith Street, Blaxland

Follow the shooting star and you’ll find yourself in Blaxland. Okay, maybe not but once there you’ll see what I mean. You can find heaps of inflatables and some gorgeous neighbourhood light displays. Find more info here.

39 Hillside Crescent

On from December 4 – January 1
๐Ÿ•” 6pm – 10pm

12. Aldgate Street, Sutherland

Another neighbourly house raising money for Lights For Kids. This Christmas display is not as clean and coordinated as others on this list, but that’s we love about it. Stars abound, and so do Christmas trees in the form of lights. There are inflatables too and even a sleigh in the front yard. Find details here.ย 

9 Aldgate Street

๐Ÿ•” 7:30pm – 11pm

13. Jubilee Avenue, Beverley Park

If blinding light is what you look for in your Christmas light displays, then Jubilee Avenue is where you want to go. With the entire front yard covered in lights, the light display is super popular among the locals. Details here.ย 

101 Jubilee Avenue

On from December 4-25
๐Ÿ•” 8pm – 10:30pm

14. South Street, Tempe

From the windows to the walls, this Christmas light display has it all and then some. There’s a Christmas manger, a lit-up angel, fake snow, music and lasers that complete the walk-in display. They’ve got reindeer on the roof too and a dizzying array of Christmas toys.

7 South Street

On from November 21-December 28
๐Ÿ•” 8pm – 12am

15. Excelsior Avenue, Castle Hill

30,000 lights. That’s all I’m going to say about the display. The reason behind Sofia’s Battle display is to raise awareness and funds for HeartKids NSW & 22q Foundation Australia and New Zealand — a common heart defect in newborn children. To help out, head along between December 1-31 and get yourself a sausage sizzle and a drink. Take a peek here.

136 Excelsior Avenue
On from December 1-31

๐Ÿ•” 7:30pm – 11pm

16. Palena Crescent, Saint Clair

Find all your favourite neighbourhood light display elements at Pegasus Street including Santa’s sleigh on the lit up roof and a canopy of lights to make for a stunning Instagram capture. Find details here.ย 

14 Palena Crescent, Saint Clair

On from December 1-31
๐Ÿ•” 8pm – 11pm

17. Waratah Street, North Bondi

Raising money for CareFlight, a critical care aeromedical retrieval service and charity, this North Bondi Christmas light display is more Aussie than most with an inflatable kangaroo and a ute instead of a sleigh. There’s great attention to detail here, though, with a lovely English village display inside two of the windows. Find further information here.ย 

5 Waratah Street

On from December 1-28
๐Ÿ•” 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Raising Awareness and Funds

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation Light Up Xmas Appeal

Heart Kids NSWย 


CareFlight Australiaย 

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