The Mesmerising Nature Illuminated Experience Is Now Glowing At Sydney’s Chinese Garden Of Friendship

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

garden path with magical fairy lighting

Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship has now been transformed into a marvelous wonderland reflecting the four seasons of the year. Taking visitors on a journey through summer, winter, autumn and spring with a series of enchanting light displays as well as encounters with a number of interactive forest sprites that keep a watchful eye over the plants and flowers, Nature Illuminated is also home to an augmented reality treasure hunt perfect to help you explore the flora and fauna of this fabled realm.

Get your tickets to Nature Illuminated at Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship.theartrical lighting lights up trees by a lake with yellows and reds for a magical effect

A string quartet will perform Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to serenade guests as they make their way through the four-season wonderland while themed cocktails will also be available to drink while taking in the splendid aura of their brilliantly lit surroundings—autumnal reds and oranges, icy winter blues, scorching summer yellows and blooming spring greens.

To enhance the Nature Illuminated experience, a delectable eight-course Chinese Premium Banquet from The Gardens by Lotus can be added to your magical night out.

Relax, unwind and get lost in this absolute dreamland.Theatrical lighting of trees for Nature Illuminated event with the moon appearing in the background

This luminescent world is truly an incredible experience. Get excited and don’t miss out on this magnificent blend of nature and technology at Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship. Nature Illuminated is now with sessions every day except Mondays.

And take note that you can still use your NSW Discover Voucher to subtract $25 from your purchase. (Sessions containing alcohol are not eligible.)

Nature Illuminated: Life of the Seasons

From 11 January
for adults and $27.5
for children
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