Take A Magical Trip Through Time And Space With Music In The Sky

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

Take A Magical Trip Through Time And Space With Music In The Sky

Consider us officially hyped for this unique experience.

Roundhouse, UNSW, one of Sydney’s most loved venues is gearing up to change into a celestial wonder and take you on a mesmerising journey through time and space. Not your everyday musical event — Music in the Sky promises to up the ante in the live music arena and create a memorable, immersive experience that is primed to be one for the books. (Featured image: Supplied/ Music in The Sky.)

Created by Keith Hong — a pioneer in the arts and business industry in Australia, the night will see an amalgamation of light, music and a spatial cacophony of colour — you’d be hard pressed to not fall in love with this display. You will also experience up close, live motion graphics and choreographed digital projections creating an incredible, captivating experience for its audience and transporting you to another world altogether.

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Highlights of the event include a riveting performance featuring Australian Music Prize nominated composer and pianist, Luke Howard with The Nano Symphony in an extensive six-piece ensemble, comprising modern neoclassical styles to classical pieces we all love.

The event has a unique transcendental quality to it and the overall experience will be amplified by spellbinding graphics encompassing the whole venue. There will also be an array of magical digital projections and a contemporary performance choreographed to the live music that will gently usher you into a tranquil space. It’s an event like no other.

If you love exhilarating experiences that leave an indelible impression, classical music at its finest, getting lost in an evening of kaleidoscopic wonder, or just having a great time — you’ll want to add this event to your calendar right away. Sit back, relax, unwind after a long week of work and take a delightful trip into outer space with Music in The Sky.

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