8 Delicious Mooncakes To Savour In Sydney This Mid-Autumn Festival

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8 Delicious Mooncakes To Savour In Sydney This Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake season is upon us once again!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a fun time for everyone. Also known as the Moon Festival, it is replete with age-old traditions, one of which is eating delicious mooncakes with loved ones. These dense and luxuriant pastries with a sweet or savoury filling come in different shapes and sizes and are an absolute delight to taste. If you haven’t tried a mooncake before, we’re here to help you get started. These are 8 of the finest places in Sydney to help you get your fill of mooncakes this season.

1. Lotus Dining Group, The Galeries, George Street

The range of mooncakes at Lotus Dining Group are so very popular that they sold over a thousand boxes in less than a weeks time last year.

Freshly made in-venue by chefs Yip Cheung Shui and Steve Wu, the decadent mooncake flavours include golden jade yolk (6 for $58), classic red bean (6 for $58), and the deluxe Creamy salted duck egg yolk (6 for $78). If you’re struggling to decide — the mixed mooncake box contains a combination of golden jade yolk and classic red bean (6 for $58).

Even better — they deliver all over Sydney for a small fee. Win-win.

2. Thai Kee IGA, Haymarket

Usually this time of the year, Thai Kee IGA is decked up in celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival. But given the current situation, things are looking slightly different this year. But the family-run business is still celebrating the festival albeit a bit differently.

Their online store has been dedicated completely to selling mooncakes. You can get your hands on some over here.

3. Jim’s Malaysia – The Galeries, George Street

Another popular mooncake spot — Jim Yong or Uncle Jim  — the founder of Jim’s Malaysia is famed for his mooncakes. And there’s a real novelty factor to them too, since he only ever makes them on rare occasions. The mooncakes are made with painstaking effort

The place is a delight to visit in normal circumstances, with the entire pastry shop reminiscent of Malaysia’s Chinatown which is where the owner hails from. They are also offering delivery this year so you’ll want to snap up a box or two asap.

4. Taste of Shanghai, various locations

If you’re after something simple and authentic — Taste of Shanghai serves mooncakes in the Suzhou style of northern China.

Made from scratch with sugar, flour, lard and sugar and filled with a red bean paste or a lotus root — which is a popular mooncake filling, the cakes are baked till they reach a dense and rich texture. Simple though but as delicious as they come.


5. Stella’s Sweets, Hurstville

A criminally underrated gem — the mooncakes from Stella’s Sweets are baked to perfection, at home. This year round, their lava mooncakes can be ordered in three different flavours in a set of 6.

On offer are the classic salted egg flavour, matcha jasmine flavour and raspberry rose. These mooncakes pack a serious punch and they can be picked up from the shop at Hurstville, City or Eastwood or you can get it delivered home.

6. Emperor’s Garden Cakes & Bakery, Chinatown

A cult-favourite and an absolute gem in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown, Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery have been serving Sydneysider’s with mouth-watering Asian sweets since 1979.

They are known for their signature cream puffs that attract lines of people to the shop on a daily basis. Their mooncakes are also very well-loved for their authentic and rich flavour. If you haven’t tried a mooncake before, this would be the best place to start.

7. Taipei Dainty Bakery, Cabramatta

This little shop right outside Cabramatta station lives up to its name. If you live locally, make sure you stop by their shop to get your hands on their delicious mooncakes that have a specific Taiwanese influence, with mung beans, jujube and a mung bean or pineapple like paste.

Helmed by siblings Jessie and Wayne, you can also get your hands on their vegetarian pastries which is quite rare for Asian bakeries.

8. Sweet Lu, Chinatown

Sweet Lu in Chinatown makes mooncakes in the traditional white lotus paste with an egg yolk in the center.

They are popular for their gift sets which come in a variety of different flavours and sizes. Check out what they have on offer this year over here.

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