11 Ideas For Things To Do This Labour Day Long Weekend

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11 Ideas For Things To Do This Labour Day Long Weekend

Long live the long weekend, even if it’s in the middle of the school holidays.


Whether your long weekend holiday has been engulfed by the spring school holidays or not, we believe that it should still be celebrated. And by celebrated, we mean it to be spent in whatever way you want.

So, if that’s with a bbq in a park or in your backyard, go for it. If it’s at a bar with mates, practice safe Covid practices and go for it. If it means a road trip, then you should definitely fill up the tank and get moving. If you’re sick and tired of people and all you want to do is stay home, then you should do that too. After all, we are celebrating Labour Day this Monday, October 5 so not working, if you ask us, is by far the most complete celebration of this holiday dedicated to those that fought for the 8-hour working day. (Hopefully, soon we’ll be celebrating a new holiday, that of the four-day working week perhaps.)

1. Pooches Playground

Taking place at Tallawoladah Lawn outside the MCA from 10am – 3pm daily, The Rocks’ Pooches Playground is all-things dog related. Find Sassy Treats to buy for your beloved four-legged friend, customised dog clothes from St Barx, and dog massages too. DOGA, dog yoga, is also taking place at 11am on Saturday, October 3 and Monday, October 5 but places are limited so you’ll need to book in advance to reserve your spot.

2. Rise ‘N’ Brine

Kicking off on Saturday, October 3, and finishing up on the Monday’s Labour Day public holiday, Rise ‘n’ Brine will see the three bars at Oxford Tavern filled to the brim with everything you can think of that is pickle related. Don’t miss out and get your tickets.

3. Pixar Putt

You’re never too old for a round of mini-golf with old friends. Find more details here.

4. inBloom

Explore a world of colour and light at Sydney’s The Calyx with 20,000 plants and flowers resulting in a kaleidoscopic world that will evolve and change as the days pass and seasons change.

5. Explore A National Park Near Sydney

And by near, we mean within 150 kilometres of the city. There are 26 of them. Make sure to double-check with the NSW National Parks website for any closures or important information before going, like if you need to reserve accommodation or camping prior to arriving.

6. See The Whitest Sands In The World


Technically part of the ACT, Jervis Bay is home to Hyams Beach and sixteen other white sand beaches meaning that if one is packed, another isn’t far away. But there’s more to Jervis Bay than white sandy beaches. There’s bush too and winter packs a great weekend away if your goal is to avoid the masses.

7. Up In The Mountains

The foothills of the Blue Mountains begin just 50 kilometres from the centre of Sydney, making them the perfect escape for those preferring fresh mountain air and lush greenery to sand between their toes and salt in the air.

8. Ice Skate In Spring In Sydney

From Saturday, September 26 to Sunday, October 11, the ICC forecourt in Darling Harbour is getting an ice rink. There are still times available for Monday, October 5.

9. Stay Home And Watch Sir David Attenborough

If you’ve got Netflix, then you’re in luck because on Sunday, October 4, A Life on Our Planet, the new documentary addressing the biggest challenges facing life on our planet and sharing first-hand accounts of humanity’s impact on nature, will be released for streaming—perfect for a do-nothing Monday.

10. Whale Watch

Eyes on the water, the whales are moving south. October is in the middle of the whale-watching season in Sydney, and the best time to see them migrate is in the mornings when the waters are calm. Find the best whale-watching spots on our handy guide.

11. Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Exhibition

On loan from the Natural History Museum in London, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is on show at the Australian National Maritime Museum until Sunday, October 11. Get your tickets here.

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(Featured image: Photo by berenice melis on Unsplash)

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