A Massive Marine-Inspired Exhibition Featuring Over 20,000 Plants Has Come To The Royal Botanic Garden

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A brand new exhibition — Inside the Tide, has taken over The Calyx and it brings you up close and personal with the underwater community. Open now until July of 2022, the exhibition is yet another grand feature to come to The Calyx. You’ll remember the inBloom exhibition that featured over 20,000 vibrant and blooming flowers just last year. And now you can experience all the surreal underwater plant life at the Royal Botanic Gardens famed glasshouse.

Inside the Tide

Inside the Tide primarily presents three aquatic communities — Kelp Forests, Coral Reefs and Seagrass Meadows, bringing to the forefront both their beauty and their tremendous importance in the eco system at large.

“When most people hear the word seaweeds, they think of the dead stuff rotting on the beach or it touching their legs when they’re trying to swim,” Dr Yola Metti says.

“There’s a huge lack of awareness of the benefits of marine algae in general. One of the biggest things we can be thankful for is the amount of oxygen algae produce. An estimated 80 per cent of the Earth’s oxygen comes from it. In fact, seaweeds make more oxygen than all the trees on the planet put together.”

Image: Supplied by the Royal Botanic Garden

The Inside the Tide exhibition will also feature a staggering 20,000 plants and will showcase one of the largest vertical green walls in the southern hemisphere.


The exhibition has been curated by the horticultural team at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and created in collaboration with Erth.

The event runs until July, 2022 with free and ticketed event options. The Clayx is open daily between 10am-4pm.

Find more details about the exhibition here.


What: Inside the Tide
When: On now until July 2022
Where: The Calyx, The Royal Botanic Garden, Mrs Macquaries Road

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