Journey Through Time With This Immersive And Free-Flowing Fine Dining Experience

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Journey Through Time With This Immersive And Free-Flowing Fine Dining Experience

Date night has levelled up.

Sydney’s gastronomic experiences are piling up but this unique feast of epic proportions elevates the dining experience beyond the ingredients on the plate and turns the table and your surroundings into an immersive, multisensorial and narrative-driven encounter.

Welcome to A Journey Through Time.

This new projection-mapping experience from SixthSense Agency combines visual storytelling with a three-course dinner to produce an event where past, present and future meld into one continuous stream right before your very eyes.

You will be delighted and inspired as light projections on the table and all around you hide and reveal elements to surprise, entice and play with your reality. 

”Our experience of taste, our sense of beauty and our understanding of reality are all created within us. But what if we could play with these senses? What if we could lead them on a different journey? What if, we could construct our own world?” says SixthSense.

To find out the answer to these musings, you’ll need to grab yourself a ticket for this wild ride where your traditional sense of taste will evolve as the story runs its course and converts the familiar into the extraordinary. Whatever happens, you won’t want to close your eyes.

The complete journey from end to end includes a three-course gastronomic experience prepared by Venetian-born and trained chef Davide who has combined his expertise in Italian cuisine with his knowledge of Australian cooking to create sumptuous dishes to please and excite. We also hear that he makes some award-winning gelati and sorbet so make sure you leave room for dessert.

All dishes on the night are gluten-free and diners are able to select from a meat, vegetarian and vegan option which can be taken to the next level with a three-course curated specialty wine pairing or a free-flowing Prosecco package for the full 90-minute journey. The choice is yours.

A Journey Through Time is now taking reservations for select dates this month with seatings at 6pm and 8:30pm. Don’t hesitate and come along for the ride. There’s no other experience like it in Australia.

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