Find Out What It Takes To Hunt A Killer In This Immersive Theatre Experience

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Find Out What It Takes To Hunt A Killer In This Immersive Theatre Experience

The woods are dark and there is a murderer on the run.

It’s night and the alarms have sounded because a murderer has somehow managed to escape the local prison. The details are scarce at the moment but what is known is that they’re on foot and on the run in the woods. The authorities are undermanned and volunteers have been called in to help hunt the killer.

You show up at the rendezvous point and there you meet the team coordinating the search. They give you a torch, tell you to stay in groups and to call out if you see anything or anyone suspicious. It’s dark, dangerous and will be difficult, they say. But armed with your knowledge of the local area, you and your friends believe the escapee can be found within the hour. None of you say you are scared.

Find out what it means to hunt a killer with the Dark Stories immersive theatre experience popping up in both Sydney and Newcastle this October. To find the murderer on the run, you will need to scour the local bushland as a team and put together the clues you come across. Otherwise, they will soon be out of reach and long gone into the night. 

In Sydney, the manhunt takes place in Manly Vale at 8pm on October 15, 16 and 17 whereas Newcastle’s prisonbreak happens the following weekend on October 22, 23 and 24.

The immersive theatre experience is suitable for people aged 15 and over. That is only if you think you have what it takes to track a killer down.

Find out what it takes to hunt down a killer in the dead of night this October.

To Hunt a Killer: Immersive Theatre Experience, Sydney

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