Get Scared Shitless At Luna Park’s Halloscream This Halloween

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Get Scared Shitless At Luna Park’s Halloscream This Halloween

Luna Park transforms into your most frightening nightmares this Halloween.

Halloween or not, a theme park after dark is a spooky place. It’s what generally happens when you take somewhere that is full of fun and laughter during the day and then quiet, quiet, damn freaking quiet after dark.

But then if you throw in some scary characters, a bunch of actors playing the dead, and three themed scare mazes designed to test the wits and nerves of all those that wander aimlessly in the night, then you’re really in for a pee-in-your-pants experience.

And that’s exactly what guests at this year’s Halloscream 8 Infinite Fear night at Luna Park are going to get when they walk into the world of Mr Bowler, the marionette maker who turned his doll-making passion into mind-control madness. Will you escape his puppet show or be forever trapped to the pulling of strings?

Three scare mazes have been specially designed and built in order to slow your escape, so watch out for the butcher in the Outback pub, the zombies in the supermarket, and the prisoners in Block 13.


Attendees to Halloscream will also be treated to devilish delights to ease their hunger pains and a whole heap of performances to pass the time between unlimited rides all night long. Please note that some rides will be closed.

Halloscream takes place over six nights this year, on October 23 and 24, October 29, 30 and 31, and November 1, with entry into the park from 6pm. Fancy and scary dress is encouraged, but no full-face makeup or masks are permitted for safety and security reasons. However, surgical masks will be required at all times when inside the mazes. For other important information, make sure to check the Halloscream FAQ page.

Tickets are still available for Halloween itself, but that special night is already onto its third of four ticket releases so if that’s the night you have to escape, then head over to Halloscream to purchase your tickets.

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