US Burger Chain Five Guys Are Set To Open Their First Australian Store In Sydney

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US Burger Chain Five Guys Are Set To Open Their First Australian Store In Sydney

At long last!

High time Western Sydney caught a break and this looks like a pretty good one. Penrith will soon be home to cult favourite burger brand Five Guys. Set to swing open its doors on September 20, the store, located in Mulgoa Road will be the first Five Guys store in Australia. The burger giants were initially set to open their first store in Sydney CBD.

So what’s everyone so excited about?

Any Aussie backpacker who has travelled through Europe, the Middle East or Asia in recent years can tell you how ubiquitous Five Guys is. Their red facade, followed by their red polos and red caps are hard to miss and keep popping up on city street corners, in plazas and just about everywhere there has been an empty ground-level shop front.

Teaming up with the Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group—the guys behind Meat and Wine Co, Hunter and Barrel, Ribs and Burgers, Butcher and the Farmer to name a few of their successful ventures—Five Guys will be adding twenty stores to the Australian restaurant landscape.

The Five Guys’ burger model—hand-prepared patties on toasted buns with an unlimited choice of fresh toppings—lean towards the simple rather than lavish and over-the-top burger, so you should be able to easily wrap your hands and mouth it to satisfy your cravings.

Mixing the offering up with hot dogs and sandwiches as well as their infamous design-your-own shake has helped see the franchise consistently place near the top of Americans’ favourite burger (#1 in 2017 and 2018) restaurant and boom across the world.


A quick note to those with peanut allergies: Five Guys fries their freshly cut potatoes in 100% peanut oil.

Since Penrith is also an LGA of concern, only people who live within the 5kms of Mulgoa Road will be able to get their hands on these delicious treats. Delivery options could be introduced in the near future.

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