A Brand New State-Of-The-Art Creative Studio Is Coming To The CBD

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A Brand New State-Of-The-Art Creative Studio Is Coming To The CBD

A dedicated production and rehearsal space for creative industries is coming to Sydney.

If there’s one thing the lockdown made abundantly clear, it’s the dependency we all have on the arts. Be it music or television, cinema or culture, it’s been an inseparable part of life the last couple of months and crucial in bringing some semblance of wellness in our everyday lives. The time to appreciate the arts industry is here and the City of Sydney is more than just recognising this by signing a 99-year lease for a five-storey creative studio in the CBD.

Brand X — one of Sydney’s leading providers of affordable spaces for artists will be operating this creative studio at Bathurst Street.

City of Sydney creative studios

The creative studio will basically lend support to dancers, musicians, actors, filmmakers and other creatives with a number of dedicated spaces. The sprawling 2000-square feet facility is the result of an agreement between City of Sydney and developer Greenland Australia.

Brand X will operate the facility for a three-year term.

Features of the new creative studio:

Members of the creative industries around the city can look forward to a number of new facilities. Right from five soundproof recording and rehearsal studios for musicians to production and editing suites for filmmakers and new media artists — the space is primed to have it all and then some.

Also on offer are two large double-height rehearsal spaces for dancers, actors and other performers along with an in residence apartment that comes with an attached creative studio.

“It has long been a priority of the City to increase centrally located, affordable space for our artists and creatives,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.


“This five-storey venue will accommodate creatives in the heart of the city, and help the sector’s recovery from the devastating effects of the pandemic.”

The Lord Mayor Clover Moore also added that the space would be set up with an intention to revitalise the arts industry and make the city more inspiring.

“By delivering workspaces and venues we’re not only supporting the arts post-lockdown, but also making our city a more interesting and inspiring place to be.”

If you’re keen to use this space as a member of the creative industries, you can register your interest here.

More info:

What: City of Sydney creative studios
When: Early 2022

Read more about the new creative studios at the City of Sydney website.

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