Ten Forgotten Sydney Laneways Are Set To Be Revitalised In A Bid To Bring People Back To The CBD

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Ten Forgotten Sydney Laneways Are Set To Be Revitalised In A Bid To Bring People Back To The CBD

A new laneways revitalisation plan is underway.

Unused spaces and laneways across Sydney are going to be revitalised into new dining spaces and walkways by The City of Sydney. The revitalisation plan aims to draw people back into the city after the extended lockdown left an otherwise busy part of the city secluded.

This follows news of 266 al fresco dining spots coming to Sydney post-lockdown as well.

The laneways revitalisation plan

Speaking of these continued post-pandemic recovery measures, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said that the new laneways revitalisation plan is central to bringing people back to the city and ensuring a lively and thriving city centre.

“We’re giving a new lease of life to forgotten spaces in the centre of Sydney to welcome people back into the city when it’s safe to do so, and support local businesses that have been devastated by the ongoing pandemic,” the Lord Mayor said.

Image credit: City of Sydney

“The need to accommodate physical distancing while encouraging a return to the city centre makes the latest steps in our laneways revitalisation program an ideal investment in our city’s future,” he added.

The council has identified 10 future priority projects and the plan will take place over the next ten years.

10 Sydney laneways set to be revitalised

The laneways which will be undergoing a transformation are:  Barlow Street, St Laurence Lane, Curtin Place, Hamilton Street, Little Hunter Street, Randle Lane, York Lane, Wynyard Lane, Underwood Street and Dalley Street.


Plans include a permanent landscape installation in the western section of Barlow Street, a new light rail stop in Rawson Place and upgraded development to York and Wynyard lanes among others.

You can read more about the laneways revitalisation plan at the council’s website.

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