Surprise Dad This Father’s Day With A Cannoli Gift Box So Decadent He’ll Have To Share

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Surprise Dad This Father’s Day With A Cannoli Gift Box So Decadent He’ll Have To Share

Cannoli Rush has put together a mouth-watering Father’s Day gift box that will be delivered to your door.


If dad’s a bit of a sweet tooth or a fan of the Sicilian sweet pastry treat, then look no further than Cannoli Rush, Sydney’s new online cannoli delivery service and the one we didn’t know we needed until now.

But first, the gift box.

Jampacked with eight cannoli (Limoncello, Butterscotch, Salted Caramel, Ricotta), four profiteroles, four almond biscuits, two Sfogliatelle, assorted chocolates and one bottle of Jack Daniels, this Father’s Day gift box will be sure to delight not just dad but everybody else at the table celebrating and giving him thanks. If he’s not a fan of Jack, then no problem. Cannoli Rush has a bottle-free version as well for just $69 with the former valued at $99.

To make sure Dad gets his gift on time, pre-orders are essential and will be available up until Wednesday, September 2.

However, Cannoli Rush can do more than just sort out your Father’s Day gift worries. If you’re also wanting to skip on making dessert for Sunday (or any other day), then nudge nudge—this is the way to go.


Although Cannoli Rush might have just begun business in February of this year, their head chef has in fact been making some of Sydney’s finest cakes and pastries for over 35 years.

So, you can rest assured that these hand-crafted cannoli creations have been perfected over this long career and now range from the traditional ricotta to the more decadent iterations like strawberry jam and ricotta, honeycomb and butterscotch, and Kinder Bueno to name just a few of the fifteen available.

The small cannolis are all $2.50 while the larger version is either $4.20 or $4.50 each. For a flat rate of just $9.95, they will also be delivered to you anywhere in metropolitan Sydney.

Visit the Cannoli Rush website to place your orders. 

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