Sydney Is Getting More Memorable Nights Of Candlelight Ballet

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Sydney Is Getting More Memorable Nights Of Candlelight Ballet

Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s incomparable ballet, is an experience hard to beat. But add candles and a couple more incredible musical scores in one of our city’s most emblematic buildings and you’re well on your way to a memorable night with Candelight Ballet.

Candlelight Ballet returns to Sydney this spring and tickets are available now.

This time the mesmerizing display of music and dance will take over The Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace with renditions of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker Suite by the Ben Adler Quartet.

Again, a ballerina will take to the stage and perform at select moments throughout the night to accompany the stirring music and dazzle us with graceful movements as candles flicker all around.

Really, we can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than with a magical night of Candlelight Ballet unfolding before you. Sit back, relax and be enchanted by the music and dance of arguably the world’s greatest ballet!

Candlelight Ballet takes place twice each night with performances at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

Please Note: For the safety of performers and the audience, the candles are flameless.

Get your tickets below.

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