This Bilpin Farm Needs Your Help After Thousands Of Apple Trees Were Destroyed In The Bushfires

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This Bilpin Farm Needs Your Help After Thousands Of Apple Trees Were Destroyed In The Bushfires

Feeling like you need to get out of the city? Go bush and pick all the apples you can possibly eat (and feel good about it, too)!

Kicking into gear this Saturday is Bilpin Fruit Bowl’s apple picking season and what better way to help out a family-owned business, and the local community, than to pick apples, apples, and more apples? Maybe drink some cider up the road too.

Just over an hour’s drive from Sydney, the Bilpin Fruit Bowl almost didn’t have an apple picking season to begin with – 6000 of their apple trees were razed by the fires. That’s a concerning number no matter which way you slice it. But since mid-December, business has been down by 90%. Or even more, according to owner Simon Tadrosse who runs the shop and farm with Margaret, their children, and one grandson.

Relying heavily on passing trade, Bilpin Fruit Bowl is hoping that, through local initiatives and social media campaigns like #backtobilpin, customers and happy travellers will be coming back in droves. It also doesn’t hurt that Royal Gala apples can be picked on the farm and bought for as little as $5 a kilo.

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Open from 10am to 4pm across the entire long weekend, apples aren’t the only fruit and veg that day-trippers or weekend-get-awayers can take home with them. Up for grabs at $6 a kilo are white peaches, cucumbers, broccoli, two types of capsicum, two types of squash, and three types of cucumbers. And don’t forget the chillies at only $12 the kilo. Please remember to bring your own bags, though.

But even if you can’t make it down this long-weekend, don’t fret. The farm at The Bilpin Fruit Bowl is open every weekend till May. And there’s still the shop, which is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. The best part about that is you might just be tempted by any of their seasonal pies. Think cherry, blueberry, raspberry or even mango pies. They also stock local honey, local home-made jams, and pottery.

Bilpin, and every other bushfire ravaged tourist area of Australia for that matter, is going to need our help. So go on, whether this weekend or another, get out there and show them your support.

For an up-to-date list of businesses to visit, places to see and beds in the area, check out this post by Sarah at Back To Bilpin:

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