25 Insane Stories That Would Only Happen In Sydney

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer


From a kookaburra stealing your food to getting yelled at in traffic.

We asked our Facebook audience: “What’s the most ‘Sydney’ thing to ever happen to you?”
Needless to say, the responses were pretty wild. Here are some of our favourites in case you missed the post:

1. A seagull swooped and grabbed my whole McDonald’s cheeseburger in Circular Quay one night, as I was offering the pickles to a friend.

2. Someone beeped the horn at me because I didn’t put my foot down 0.01 nano seconds after the light turned green.

3. First week in Sydney I visited Kings Cross and some old woman with more fingers than she had teeth was trying to lure people down an alley.

4. I went to Sydney to watch Carlton play the Swans one year on a bus trip…..Plugger kicked 8 on the Friday night and we got belted so off to the Cross we went to drown our sorrows…..I don’t really remember much between midnight and 9am (a big python around my shoulders and a burn mark on my thigh that’s never quite healed) when a copper found me staggering down Darlinghurst Road, drove me to my hotel and poured me into the bus to Melbourne leaving in ten minutes.

5. Got excited over a good parking spot.

6. Discovered oysters at my local Woolworths.

7. A kookaburra took my sandwich one lunchtime in the Botanical Gardens.

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8. I was stuck on a train for almost six hours.

9. Not be able to afford to buy a house.

10. Paying a days wages on tolls and parking, then resorting to eating water for dinner.

11. No-one turns up to your birthday bash because it’s raining.

12. Kookaburra swooped over our picnic and snatched a lamington from out of my Mum’s hand.

13. A magpie stole half my meat pie once.

14. Chased by a bin chicken.

15. I took 2 hours to do a 20 minute drive to get to work one morning.

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16. A kookaburra stole the salmon inside in my roll before I took a bite!

17. Busted a plugger going up the escalator out of Kings Cross Station. Had to walk back to my boyfriends apartment with one thong on. RIP Havianas.

18. Using life savings to pay for a drink – water, alcohol and or coffee.

19. People being abusive in traffic even during lockdown when there’s zero traffic on the road. It’s like seriously man?

20. Attended a dance party with amazing music and beautiful people in the botanical gardens with the most amazing sunset framed by the Opera House and city. Back when Sydney was once wild and fun.

21. New Year’s Eve under the Harbour Bridge quite a few years in a row. Even spent all day minding the spot before the year 2000 came in.

22. Fell into Sydney Harbour right near the Harbour Bridge.

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23. Driving around the shopping centre carpark at Christmas, swearing in the car.

24. Bin Chickens in Hyde Park.

25. The 521 streets named “George Street”.

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