SANSOM and KRENO Are Going B2B For Tech Rebellion’s First Sunday Sesh Cruise

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SANSOM and KRENO Are Going B2B For Tech Rebellion’s First Sunday Sesh Cruise

It’s minimal, it’s deep, it’s Tech Rebellion and it’s all happening onboard a yacht this Sunday night.

Dancing is back on the cards and in true Sydney style, it’s back on a boat. Not ones to miss a moment or a beat, Lucky has produced the goods with the first edition of Tech Rebellion Cruise taking place this Sunday evening with a superset from Elev8 stars, SANSOM B2B KRENO.

Let the summer season begin with a Sunday sesh.

The Tech Rebellion Cruise departs Man Of War Steps Warf at 8pm start on Sunday evening before hitting the harbour for four hours of cruising to minimal and deep tech beats and sounds.

The lineup kicks off with Karl Keogh warming up the plates before Brewer, DJ and host of Bondi Beach Radio, hops on to keep the groove locked on. Then it will be time for Searching 4 Benny to drop some tracks as the supercat yacht glides over the water and you rejoice in the universal language that is dance

And then, when you are deep into the vibe, it’ll be time for SANSOM and KRENO. The boys on the Elev8 roster will be going back-to-back, playing off each other and digging deep in their selections to pull out the tunes to rock the boat right up until it pulls up at the wharf at midnight.

Tech Rebellion Cruise will also adhere to the one person per four square metres rule so there will be plenty of space to dance on board, up on the deck with the city lights shining bright in the background so that you can cram in all the moves, shapes and styles you’ve had to go without. It goes without saying that the bar will be well-stocked for when you need a drink.

Don’t miss out on Tech Rebellions first edition, and get your tickets to dance this Sunday.

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