Hockey Dad To Perform This Weekend At Selina’s And Kick Off The Queen’s Birthday With A Bang

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Hockey Dad To Perform This Weekend At Selina’s And Kick Off The Queen’s Birthday With A Bang

Legends Hockey Dad will be turning it up at Selina’s. Get ready to get rowdy.

Just as they said they wanted to do, Hockey Dad have taken up space in our brain and they’ve taken up real estate. The third studio album from Zach Stephenson and Billy Flemming unleashes a grown-up and matured sound (compared to their earlier releases) that hits on so many different levels.

But that’s not to say the two boys have forgotten how to get down, get scrappy and get the crowd going on a night out. Not at all. And to prove the point the Windang duo will be stepping onto Selina’s stage to kick the Queen’s Birthday long weekend into party-hard gear, which also just so happens to be in the middle of their (pretty much) sold-out Australian tour.

Tickets to the Friday night show in Coogee Bay are now on sale. Snoozers will be losers.

While we obviously don’t know the setlist that Hockey Dad have planned for the night, we’re expecting them to be belting out songs from Brain Candy as well as throwing in a heap of favourites. Like you need remembering, but these guys have gifted us four Hottest 100 entries in 2017 and 2018. Then two more last year.

There’ll be catchy melodies, infectious riffs and some serious shredding happening on stage. But that’s just Zach. On the drums, Billy will be sitting tight, hitting the beat right and letting loose when the time comes. We know you can’t wait.


On the night, the guitar-rock and surf-pop twosome will be joined on the stage by Canberra punk-rockers Moaning Lisa (go figure, two bands on the same night with a Simpsons’ reference) as well as local indie-pop six-piece Good Lekker. It’s going to one helluva fun night on stage and rocking out in the crowd.

Selina’s at the Coogee Bay Hotel is keen to get their new live music series rolling again after the other week’s huge DJ set by The Avalanches needed to be postponed—thanks, Melbourne. Even still the iconic music venue that’s got more history than Hockey Dad’s combined age, and seen the likes of Nirvana, INXS and Midnight Oil turn it up, is primed to satisfy the local’s appetite for live music. Watch this space for more shows. 

Presale tickets for Hockey Dad at Selina’s are all sold out. Told you, snooze you lose, so you’ll now be forking out $50, which is still a damn-good price to pay to see a couple of grommets from down the road who, back from their US tour, are a class act and national heroes.

To be clear, Hockey Dad were heroes before flying overseas.

Get your tickets below.

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