Sydney Once Again Cracks The Top 5 Of The Safe Cities Index In 2021

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Sydney Once Again Cracks The Top 5 Of The Safe Cities Index In 2021

Sydney also ranked highest in the world for digital security.

While we’re all anxiously waiting to travel again to exotic and distant locations, the Safe Cities Index of 2021 has given us some reason to appreciate what we have in our own backyard.

What is the Safe Cities Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released the Safe Cities Index 2021, covering 60 major urban areas. The index measures various aspects and nature of urban safety organised around 76 indicators which are then grouped into five pillars: personal, health, infrastructure, digital, and recently — environmental security.

The Safe Cities Index was first launched in 2015 and initially looked at 44 indicators across 50 cities. Since then, the Index has been updated every two years.

Safe Cities Index 2021

Sydney was ranked 4th this year — up from 5th last year.

Sydney was also ranked in first place for the world’s best digital security, 10th place for health security, 9th place for infrastructure security along with Chicago, 11th place for personal security, and 16th place for environmental security. Melbourne also ranked 9th in the overall score.

Talk about goals!


Digital security especially has taken prime importance given the changing times due to the pandemic. The report explains that as more and more people are working from home, digital security has become an extremely high priority. Needless to say, Sydney topping the list is something to be proud of.

The overall results

The full list of the top 10 safest cities in the world is:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark: 82.4/100
  2. Toronto, Canada: 82.2/100
  3. Singapore, Singapore: 80.7/100
  4. Sydney, Australia: 80.1/100
  5. Tokyo, Japan: 80.0/100
  6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 79.3/100
  7. Wellington, New Zealand: 79.0/100
  8. Melbourne, Australia: 78.6/100
  9. Hong Kong, Hong Kong: 78.6/100
  10. Stockholm, Sweden: 78.0/100

The report also released a breakdown of each of the pillars.

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