The Ultimate 90s Rock Tribute Band Is Performing All Of Your Favourites This January

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royale with cheese performing on stage

If you’re looking to revive the 90s and relive distant memories rocking out to some of the greatest rock, pop, pop-punk and grunge hits of the decade, then you’re going to need to make note of this live music gig. Australia’s premier cover band Royale With Cheese will be amping up the distortion, plucking heavy basslines and belting out your favourite introspective lyrics for a night heavy on nostalgia and good times.

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To rock out to the greatest rock songs of the 90s, including songs from the above as well as Soundgarden, Radiohead, Silverchair, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink 182, then you’ll need to get yourself down to The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle in January to experience Royale With Cheese live.

They’re so much more than your average tribute band and according to crowds at past shows, they’re one of the best bands going around with their sound full of energy and fun. The group will jump and bounce all over the stage, sweat it up, and then still not miss a beat or a word—even if it’s Rage Against The Machine they’re covering. singer and guitarist on stage royale with cheese tribute band

And since the 90s was much more than rock, don’t be surprised if Royale With Cheese find the time to mix up their set with iconic pop tracks from the likes of the Spice Girls.

So Tell Me What You Want, and if what you really really want is to rage against the 90s, then we’ll tell you to hit up Sydney’s longest-running live entertainment venue on Friday 28 January to catch Royale With Cheese live on stage. Tickets are now on sale for the two-hour gig at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle but get in quick because the 90s has plenty of fans.

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Royale with Cheese Ultimate 90s Rock Show

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