The Terrifying Doll From Squid Game Has Surfaced Overnight On The Sydney Harbour

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer


What says Halloween better than a Squid Game reference in 2021? This morning a massive replica of the creepy animatronic doll from Netflix’s Squid Game popped up at The Rocks out of thin air. The 4.5-metre version of the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll made an appearance on the Sydney Harbour just in time for Halloween and she’s watching your every move.

And taking it up a notch, she’s very much like her TV character complete with creepy movements including head turns for maximum affect.

Squid Game

For those of you who haven’t watched Squid Game yet, one of the scariest parts of the South Korean show feature the creepy doll more popularly known as the Red Light, Green Light doll. If she catches you moving, let’s just say things go South very quickly.

The nine-episode fictional drama follows hundreds of struggling participants who compete in deadly children’s games for the prize of $A51 million. One person wins, the rest pay with their lives.

The astonishing success of the dystopian show that reached more than 111 million viewers around the globe has undeniably positioned itself in pop culture.


And now its made its way to the harbour along with two masked guards donning those all too familiar pink jumpsuits.

The Red Light, Green Light doll at Sydney Harbour

From Friday, October 29 until November 1, you can head over to The Rocks to see the doll for yourself. You will have to carry your proof of vaccination and sign in using the QR code at the venue.

This isn’t the real Squid Games, but anyone caught breaking the rules or is this case safety measures, will be eliminated — asked to leave.

Head over to 4 Circular Quay W, The Rocks to see the doll yourself from October 29 – November 1.

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