This Restaurant Is Doing A Nostalgic 11-Course Disney Themed Degustation • Nel. Restaurant

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This Restaurant Is Doing A Nostalgic 11-Course Disney Themed Degustation • Nel. Restaurant

The Once Upon a Time degustation experience is back!

Is there anything more magical than a trip to Disney? You get to escape the stress and responsibilities of adulthood for just a little while and experience the simple pleasures of life. And while we can’t actually travel to Disneyland for the time being, we do have something fun and creative to fill that void. Chef Nelly Robinson of Nel. Restaurant is bringing back the third chapter of his incredibly charming and imaginative Disney-inspired 11-course Once Upon a Time degustation series.

The menu, not surprisingly, is absolutely exquisite and Disney enthusiasts will love the attention to detail and overall execution.

Highlights for this year’s Once Upon a Time degustation series includes a delectable dish inspired by Winnie the Pooh which features pork belly glazed in honey, courtesy of being Winnie the Pooh’s favourite snack – and topped off with carrots.

The Little Mermaid will also make an appearance in the form of It’s A Flounder — an incredible dish of flounder, cauliflower and sea herbs.

Other highlights include Coco inspired Day of The Dead and Crème De La Edger sugar milk bombs among others.

“It’s always so much fun creating dishes around my favourite films, and we have again crafted some incredible dishes that will make our guests feel like a child again because after the year that was 2020, we could do all do with a little of that,” Chef Nelly says about this year’s Once Upon a Time degustation experience.

The 11-course degustation is an absolute delight to experience and every dish comes with a story brimming with the magic and whimsy of Disney. The restaurant is also ace at surprising its diners so you can expect some fun added elements to your dining experience. It should also be noted that the dinner sells out fast so you’ll want to secure a booking stat.



What: Once Upon A Time degustation

Where: nel. Restaurant, 75 Wentworth Ave, Sydney NSW 2000

When: Monday 28 June until Sunday 9 October (bookings available now)

Price: $145 per person, plus $105 per person for matching wines and cocktails

(Images: Supplied/ Nel. Restaurant)

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