Take A Journey Into Your Own Brain And See What Makes You Different At This Sydney Pub

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Take A Journey Into Your Own Brain And See What Makes You Different At This Sydney Pub

Go to the pub, drink a beer, and learn something new about yourself.

What do you know about your brain? Probably not much because unless you’ve studied neuroscience, you’re like most people. And that’s okay. (Featured image: Photo by David Cassolato from Pexels)

The brain is a complicated organ. That’s the easy part. However, it’s so complicated that we know we know less about it than we know of it. See?

That hasn’t stopped our curiosity but all those hours we’ve spent watching YouTube videos and reading up on how our brain works has only complicated matters because aside from neurons, synapses and a few other keywords, brain talk goes way over our head.

Thankfully there’s a man in this world who is able to ELI5 how our brains work. And even better, he’s doing it down at the pub so you and your mates can gather around and learn a thing or two in a familiar environment.

This man is Phil Dye the Brain Guy and for the past few years he’s not only been translating neuroscience into plain English, but he’s also been making it damn fun as well. Phil Dye began his career as a teacher on the South Coast of NSW, but after a decade and a half he moved into Communication Management where his role at the University of NSW was to make complex concepts simple. Simple for schoolchildren and simple for overseas medical delegations. Not an easy task.

Thanks to his time as an Education in the School of Medical Sciences, Phil came up with Mindz Brainplay—an informative and interactive two-hour session that explains the brainwaves produced by your neurons and how your neurons communicate with one another. And the best part is that it is all about you!


With the use of EEGs (that are 100% safe), Phil Dye will have you moving objects on a screen with your mind, see your neurons firing in real-time, play a game using only your thoughts to control the characters and, of course, find out how your brain makes you different. He’ll also help you check your meditation ability, but I already know that mine is way behind par.

Groups are limited to four people (or six for family and friendship groups) and sessions take place at The Oxford Hotel in Drummoyne on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm (subject to change). Private experiences and corporate packs are also available. Sessions cost $69 per person with student discounts available.

This is the only experience of its kind in the world!

For more information and booking, go to the Mindz Brainplay website.

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