At This Build Your Own Terrarium Bar You Can BYO To Help You Pick And Choose Your Succs

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At This Build Your Own Terrarium Bar You Can BYO To Help You Pick And Choose Your Succs

Be a sucker for succulents.

Because flowers die is written in neon lighting and hung in the front window of Little Succers. The message is blunt and, whether having gifted them or received them, it’s all we need to recall all the flowers we’ve watched wither and pass from this life to the bin.

However, Little Succers in Neutral Bay is challenging the status quo and opening our eyes up to the wonderful world of plants with their Build Your Own terrarium events. If you’ve seen them around but never got around to creating a terrarium yourself, well this is your chance.

But hold up, because there’s one Build Your Own event that has caught our eye.

On Saturday 26 June, Little Succers is inviting you to a BYO Build Your Own terrarium event where you will actually create a unique, self-sustainable environment for a succer of your own choosing.

Over the course of evening, you will sip and pick and choose your way through all the materials needed to build the amazingly complex creations that are terrariums.

From the vase—do you go with the fish bowl or choose something else?—to the soil, colour of the pebbles and choosing which cacti or other succulents to place inside, the choices are yours to make in the lolly bar like set up. You even get to choose the decorations so we’re sure you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store, only mature.

Follow the simple steps and you’ll become a proud plant parent after only 90 minutes. Beats toiling away in the garden if you ask us. 

Little Succers’ BYO Build Your Own terrarium event is perfect for friends, couples and even your mum—dad, too, obviously. And it’s great fun getting your hands a little dirty before you umm and ahh over which little succer is gonna be yours.

There are two sessions to choose from at 6pm and at 7:30pm where, for just $85, you’ll be given access to all the materials you need to build your own terrarium. Then, you get to take it home, find it a spot to sit in the light and give it a sprinkle of water once every month.

Or, better yet, gift it to somebody you love. You know they won’t be throwing it away any time soon. Oh, and don’t forget your wine.

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