Dive Into This Spectacular Little Mermaid-Themed Cocktail Experience At SEA LIFE Aquarium

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

the little mermaid cocktail experience at sea life aquarium

Although life is the bubbles under the sea, we’d have to give up something truly special to devote our full time to floatin’ down where it’s wetter. Luckily, our ocean fairytale dreams can come true when Fever’s The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience comes to Sydney because it’s popping up in an underwater realm we can all visit—SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Tickets are available now, so grab yours to experience the powerful storytelling of Hans Christian Andersen brought to life with a live theatre performance and themed cocktails.

This enchanting cocktail experience will deliver a spellbinding immersive journey beneath the waves, where magic, desire and cocktails combine for an unforgettable adventure. The three tasty and unique cocktails will be themed around scenes from the classic tale and a cast of actors and performers will help bring the story to life.

Your hosts for the evening will include mermaids, princes and sea witches, but they will be joined by the exceptional SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium cast of hundreds of fish, sharks, turtles, moon jellies and glowing corals. Watch them through huge, large windows and be mesmerised by this world beneath the water as you savour the potions.

The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience has so far been a huge success in cities like Miami, Chicago and London. However, no other city has been lucky enough to score an aquarium as the magical setting for this fantastic 90-minute submersive experience.

Tickets to this unforgettable cocktail experience have just become available, and you can find yours here.

little mermaid cocktail experience actors performing

Discover the mysteries hidden beneath the surface in The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale. You’ll be able to dive in under the sea when the experience opens in Sydney on Thursday 3 February 2022 at SEA LIFE Aquarium. Don’t hang around and miss out on tickets: much like the creatures of the deep, you can find yours below!

The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience

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