This Hidden Garden Is An Absolute Beauty – And It Has A Waterfall • Lisgar Gardens

Ria Lawrence Ria Lawrence - Staff Writer

This Hidden Garden Is An Absolute Beauty – And It Has A Waterfall • Lisgar Gardens

The Lisgar Gardens are a breath of fresh air. Give the beach a break and retreat into this tranquil space this weekend

There are heaps of hidden local gems waiting to be found in Sydney. Recover from the week by surrounding yourself with nature at the Lisgar Gardens in Hornsby. (Feature image: Sam Moqadam)

We stumbled upon a gorgeous little garden which has a little something for everyone. Located in the heart of the busy suburb of Hornsby and just about a 15-minute walk from Hornsby station, the Lisgar Gardens are an absolute delight to walk through.

Known for its Camellias and secluded location, the gardens boast of a variety of native plants, a lovely rainforest walk, fishponds – and a little waterfall.

Dr Max Cotton created the garden back in 1917 after purchasing it from his brother. He filled it with a wide variety of native and exotic plants which continue to be the highlight of the garden to this day.


You can navigate your way around the gardens to come across a small shade house with a fishpond which is full of beautiful – and hungry – koi fish.

This is also the perfect picnic spot where families can get together and have a cosy lunch thanks to the gazebo which is located at the Upper Garden.

If you’re planning to visit the gardens, don’t miss the Lower Garden area which is filled with beautiful winding paths with trees roofing overhead and gorgeous plants in bloom.

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